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Youth Firearms Safety Schedules

FAS Begins April 4, 2023

2023 Firearms Safety Spring classes are  scheduled
This year we are again requiring Pre-registration
 by Friday. April  1st, 2023.

If you do not hear back by 4/3/23 about your On-Line registration please call 218-nine six nine-4921
This is necessary to fill the classes and provide the very best instruction in Firearms Safety Education.

Our firearm safety classes will fill with local children 1st and then take others on a first apply until classes are filled.
Thank you for your support.
New  and available to all is an "On-Line Hunters Education class".

   To learn more about the on-Line class please scroll down to the next article

This is NOT Permit to Carry
If over 21 and interested go to my Concealed Carry Page.


Nashwauk Class                                             Click for Nashwauk Schedule
Starts Monday April 4, 2022

Monday & Thursday evenings,
from 6-8:00 PM at the Nashwauk Memorial Building Legion Quarters(3rd St. side door)

Cloverdale Class will not be held until further notice                                         

  Students are only allowed one absence with approval of your instructor.




Snack provided at each class session

Last spring because of sports paractice and other reasons we provided a light snack for ALL students provided we have approval, at the begining of class with hopes that most will be able to be little early.
(by that I mean if someone is recreating outside before class starts and then decideds to have a snack, well we will see)?

Provided is cold Cerial and just in case of Gluten issues we will have Gluten Free General Mills Honey Nut Chex that will be only handled by the Instructor and stored away from the other items and New disposable bowls and spoons again separate from other ones.

On the registration form there will be questions for parent/gaurdian to fill out and a comment box for more concerns.

On-Line Hunters Education


The 1st Part of this program is an interactive independent study program that is found at,

The On-Line Course has TWO Buttons, One for 11-17 year old and one for 18 and older.

The 18 and older has an interactive Range day and the student can elect to complete with an instructor 

or just register after completion and receive the certificate.

Students will sign in on this website and remembering their sign User name and Password, In the sign in process there is a fee, that is not required for the Traditinal Classroom (Unless the instructor group requires some additional classroom expences not to exceed $7.50).

After completion of either course there is a registration fee payable to the Minnesota DNR or $7.50 and the certificate is then able to be printed.

Sudent can work at there own pace while completing the 15 chapters.
 Each chapter has an exam that must be passed before being allowed to progress to the next chapter. Once all chapters are completed a final test is taken on-line. , It will take approx. 15 hours if one passed each chapter exam and the final exam on there  1st attempt as all study is timed with a minimum time requirement and no maximum time requirement.
Upon Passing each chapter a voucher of completion is then printed out with a registration number and instructions on how to continue to the next part of this process.

The Field day requirment for this On-Line class is different from the Range day requirment the Traditional Classroom Course requires so the Student and Parent/Guardian must find what is called an "All Day Range Day" Event to complete the Course

Around the State of Minnesota firearms instructor groups are setting up what is called an "ALL DAY RANGE AND CERTIFICATION COURSE".
There will many times be a fee of up to $7.50 to participate in this required activity. This fee will not cover the Firearms Safety Certificate you are looking to get.
At the successful completion of this "ALL DAY" program a certification number will be issued to the graduating student that will then be used on the  MN DNR web site (click on Buy a License and then look to the bottom of that page and click on "Safety Certificate Self Certification that you will find HERE,  and upon payment of $7.50 Through a E-Check or Credit / Debit card OR there is a Telephone Number to call if one has no internet access, the number is  [MN DNR License Center 651-297-1230 or toll free 1-877-348-0498]  a Firearms Safety Certificate will be issued to the student at that time where-upon the 1st phase of a lifetime commitment to safe gun handling will begin.
The applicants SSN will be required if it has not already been used on that website.

You will have to Pre-register for this activity. This will be different than the RANGE DAY associated with a Traditional Firearms Safety Class because students in these traditional classes will have all the pre-requirements completed in the regular classroom setting.

When one studies the on-line program there is no instructor student interaction, although in many cases there will be excellent student parent/guardian interaction but each student upon finding and pre-registering for the above mentioned "ALL DAY" program will do the required registration with parent or guardian present and providing identification in the form of passport, birth certificate or other state issued identifications.

Then there is another "VERIFICATION EXAMINATION" to make certain this student did preform the on-line study that the voucher is claiming.

Next each student will watch the required video, "THE LAST SHOT"  A  traditional class will have several more.

Next the student will be instructed on all firearms handling disciplines and preform these disciplines (carry positions and firearm identification and operation skills)for the instructors.

Next will be a hunters walking trail where each student will be presented with many shoot/no-shoot situations.

Next will be a live fire exercise where each student will fire a minimum of 15 rounds of .22 rim fire ammunition.
All firearms will be provided so no student should under any condition bring a firearm or ammunition to this "ALL DAY" program.

There will be several more activity's throughout the day, like a compass course where a student (youth) will get a free compass provided through the Jamie Tennison Program, (This is provided only in Itasca County as far as I understand).

and a hunters plan exercise among other activity's.
You will be notified in the pre-registration if you will need to bring a lunch of if one will be provided. Each site will have some differences.

One will go to the MN DNR web site


"Click Here" 

  To find a "ALL DAY" Range day activity near you.
The Nashwauk area instructors may at some point in time offer one of these "ALL DAY" range day activity's, but are under no requirement by the DNR to do so. We have chosen to provide the Traditional classroom class just as we have been doing for the past 45 years.
The cost of the traditional class is FREE, and there is a $7.50 registration fee to be paid ON-LINE upon class completion.
An On-line class will cost; $24.95 to the web host
                                                $7.50  to the state of Minnesota upon certification
       Optional fee of up to    $7.50 can be collected by a "All Day range program for equipment.
               For a total of up to  $39.95 for this new way of Certification.                      

Instructor List

Austin Brohman
Hannah BrigenBrohman
Terry Lucas

Todd Hassel
Bonita Hassel
Dan Phipps
Greg Brohman
Nate Lofgren Nashwauk
Dan lorenz (Ret)

Rick Lorenz (Ret)
Pete Sacoman, (Ret/Dec)
John Haynes (Ret/Dec)
Randy Metzer, (Ret)
Tim Hurley, (Ret)

Darrel Cheney, (Ret)
Larry Christensen, (Ret)
Cleo Chambers, (Ret/Dec)
Dennis Eskeli, (Ret)
Jack Benolkin, (Ret)
Dave Spect (Ret)
Bob Fragnito (Ret/Dec)
Rich DalCanton (Ret)
Brad Karjala, (Ret)
Tony Martire SR (Ret/Dec)
Tony Martire Jr (Ret)
David Savolinen (Ret/Dec)
Joe Simone Jr. (Ret)
Ed Bolf (Ret)

Our Conservation Officer
Jimmy Van Asah
Contact is through the State Patrol Dispach
651-296-6157 or Toll Free 888-646-6367
OR TIP 1-800-652-9093


Permit to Carry Classes
Call Greg Brohman Two ONE eight-969-4921
OR Click on
"Concealed Carry Training"
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