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 Link to Jerry Miculek video's: Fast Draw  How to shoot a pistol This video has "High Speed Camera segments" Youtube video's can be advanced or reversed with these key strokes; space bar to pause, while in pause the period . key advances frame by frame, the comma , key backs up F X F, the J key backs up 10 sec in real time and the L key advaces 10 sec in real time. When in High Speed it will take 100's of key strokes to advance 1 second!!!! Its an amazing way of watching gun function!!!!

I have been informed of this DNR Traping regulation;

2016 Minnesota Statutes



Subdivision 1.Restrictions.

A person may not tend a trap set for wild animals between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. a person on foot may use a portable artificial light to tend traps. While using a light in the field, the person may not possess or use a firearm other than a handgun or rifle capable of firing only rimfire cartridges of .17 or .22 caliber including .22 magnum.

Subd. 2.Body-gripping traps.

A body-gripping, conibear-type trap need not be tended more frequently than once every third calendar day.


My comment on this is the 1 thing the MN DNR has held throughout the Personal protection law is the "Shining Law" And this issue is tending traps before or after daylight with a light. So use your head people!!!!

WWW.Handgunlaw.US is the best site on internet for information.

NEW UPDATE: Minnesota has been remover from the Wyoming Reciprocity list.  Link to expanation of Castle Law and Stand your Ground

As I have always held,  Yes I encourage people to bring their own gun, but also have guns to use if they don't.
Now a BIG CHANGE that HAS to be made now because I just do not have a reliable source of Ammunition is,
People will be required to bring their own ammo and that ALSO means if they are planning on using one of my firearms they will have to bring ammo. New ammo, No reloads.
In .22 Long Rifle  50 rounds each, 38 Special,  9mm Parabellum,  or 45 Auto  but 50 rounds each.

Again Lunch will be provided as will Coffee Tea and bottled water.

Dates for this fall are,

Directions to the Cloverdale Hall
Cloverdale Hall 
The NEW Cloverdale hall is located 1/4 mile West of Hyw 65 on Co Rd 8

Start time for a typical Sunday class 1:00 (all guns in classroom will have been double checked) and NO LIVE AMMO IN CLASSROOM! Coffee will be hot.
We qualify the same day.

Lunch is provided and all conversations will be on GUNS!

The course of fire is: Six shot at 21 Ft. in 12 seconds.
Six shot at 21 Ft. in 12 seconds.
12 shots at 21 Ft. in 60 seconds.
For this you will fire 6 and reload (same Mag.)(no speed loaders) and fire 6 more.
Each shot is worth 5 points on a 9" bull, 4 points in the 12" ring, and 3 points in the 18" ring.
Total 150, Must shoot 70%.= 105 Min.
Alternative firing will be one hand strong hand and one hand Weak (support) hand

Cost $60.00
For 1 on 1 training $XX.00  Call for details. I do not do this very often.
Church Groups call for details min class size 8

To ask Me any questions you and fill out this E-MAIL , HERE

Must Know Information


Rules Of Force and Deadly Force  HERE

Armed citizens network, Information WE MUST know before carrying an gun,  HERE

Summary of MN Law

MN law on website. the map highlights States that honnor MN permits and scrolling down the page most of the MN law that pertains to a individual carrying a handgun in public must know.

This summary can be downloaded and or printed.

Minnesota BCA has changed their Web site and it is not easy to find what used to be listed on one page.
So here are some links that will be helpful,

To print out an Application before making trip to Sheriff office,  HERE  (This link died, next link down 3rd item on FAQ page)
Frequently Asked Questions, this is a very helpful page!  HERE
Minnesota Reciprocity, for out of State people  HERE

Please see my link to contact our US Senators on Firearms issues,  Here

In the past I have stated how Conservation officer view a handgun carried with a Carry Permit is not a hunting handgun and any handgun used as a hunting handgun should be unloaded and cased when on a motor vehicle. 

I was questioned about this and i then posed 2 questions to my local Conservation officer. He then brought these questions to his supervisors and here are the questions and answers;

Example 1
i am riding a trail on an ATV during hunting season and am licensed to take a grouse. The only firearm i have with is a loaded pistol in my holster that i am carrying with a MN carry permit.
I stop the ATV and step off and away from it and take the grouse with the handgun. I then re-holster the handgun and retrieve the taken grouse, then board the ATV and proceed on my way.

Have i violated any game and fish laws?? Answer i recieved; NO!

Example 2
I am driving my car along an improved roadway where just off roadway i have numerous trapping sets on an Auto Trap Line.
On my side while driving from set to set I have a holstered handgun loaded and am in possession of a MN carry permit and a valid drivers license and trapping license.
I use the handgun to dispatch fur bearing animals caught in my traps and then proceed on to the next trap set with the loaded holstered handgun.

Again, Have i violated any game and fish laws?? Answer i recieved; No!

Thank you   

This is the "Oral" answer i received back, 

I heard back from my CO, as he was at a meeting with his supervisors just today.
Everything I had heard in the past 10 years is apparently changed now.

The same questions i posed to you were the ones they looked at today and there is no violation of any game and fish laws if someone with a permit used said permit in the context of the questions.
Basically, the only way anyone with a permit would be in jeopardy is if they were to be shining! or firing from the motor vehicle without the necessary disability permit.
Now that certainly doesn't prevent someone who used their carry gun in this manner to be ticketed and have to take this issue to a court of law, So in my Whole $0.02 opinion is to be careful and respectful and do your homework and know you could have to challenge a ticket issued by someone who thinks differently.
An example was used in that meeting where at a retirement party for a State Trooper he told of ticketing a number of people for open bottle when they were in possession on private property. Those ticketed paid their fines and it was years before that trooper found he was wrong in writing those tickets. Had they challenged those tickets in court they would have had the tickets withdrawn. And that kind of thing can happen here and many many other issues.
Another issue like this is back 20 or so years ago when the DNR Conservation officers were first starting to use decoy deer to ticket road hunters, more specifically, those that fired from a roadway at Deer and most of the time there were other violations like these Decoys were placed on private posted property mostly agricultural. Anyway, the County Attorneys informed the Officers that they would not prosecute any citations issued because a Decoy Deer was NOT a big game animal. Well the tickets were written and fines were paid and anyone bringing a ticket to court was NOT prosecuted. Then the law was changed to include the language that a firearm could not be discharged down, from or across a road at a big game animal OR Decoy of a big game animal.


CHUCK HAWK's on Ammunition,


Chuck is a good authority on all kinds of firearms issues and Ammunition. Explore Chucks web site!


I want to bring to the attention to all my past students an issue that has changed in MN due to a ruling by the Mn Appeals Court. Churches in MN can restrict having a firearm in a private vehicle in their parking lot. This issue is posted on the web site here;


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